Sofie Papadopoulou

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

I love art.
I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember. Maybe this love came from the need to express myself.
An escape in creative being to speak out and live my own truth.
A little paradise of creation where I, I could be. At the beginning with dancing, later with painting.
And in all this creative period I have always felt the connection to nature very strongly.

Welcome to Hydorpainting Art Gallery

But what actually is art?
Art is not an idol for me. The media show us an art that has moved away from people!
Art is not the exact reproduction of the object or a music that has been copied a thousand times over.
It’s more than a picture or music. An artist is a free thinker.
Nobody who adapts to the homogenized mass of our time,
but develops freely out of social constraints and works artistically.
I hope that my art will inspire others to live and create their own selves.

“The beauty of painting reflects the beauty of nature but also its transience and fragility.”

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